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Groups involved in the CoLoMoTo Consortium

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Albert group
Pennsylvania State University (USA)
Collaborative research to develop predictive logical models of biological systems from the molecular to the community level
Le Novère laboratory
The Babraham Institute (Cambridge, UK)
Quantitative computational models and simulations to study cellular and molecular systems, in particular adaptation to environmental signals
The Biomodels database team
EMBL-EBI (Hinxton, UK)
A repository of peer-reviewed, published, computational models
SIB - UNIL (Lausanne, CH)
Computer infrastructure and bioinformatics expertise for life sciences
Computational Systems Biology of Cancer
Institut Curie / INSERM U900 - Mines ParisTech (Paris, FR)
Apply Systems Biology approaches to biological networks involved in cancer
Discrete Biomathematics/ Mathematics in Life Sciences Groups
Freie Universität Berlin (DE)
The two groups pursue research in mathematical systems biology, particularly focusing on logical modeling of regulatory and constraint-based modeling of metabolic networks.
Computational Systems Biology group
IBENS - UMR ENS - CNRS 8197 - INSERM 1024 (Paris, FR)
Functional genomic data analysis and logical modelling of cellular signaling/regulatory networks involved in cell fate decisions
INRIA (Grenoble, FR)
Analysis of bacterial regulatory networks using a systems biology approach
Network Modelling group
IGC (Oeiras, PT)
From interaction networks to cellular processes, computational modelling approaches
SW Algorithms and Tools for Constraint Solving
INESC-ID (Lisbon, PT)
Development of formal methods (SAT, MaxSAT, Model checking, ...) for the analysis of discrete systems (e.g. logical signalling-regulatory networks)
Analysis and Redesign of Biological Networks
MPI (Magdeburg, DE)
Theoretical methods for the analysis, inference, and targeted modification of bio-molecular networks
Helikar Lab
University of Nebraska at Lincoln (USA)
Dynamics of biological networks under diseases conditions; development of crowd-sourcing modeling approaches; computational modeling as a method to teach about biological systems.
Systems Biomedicine (Saez-Rodriguez lab)
RWTH-Aachen (Aachen, DE) and EMBL-EBI (Hinxton, UK)
We develop methods based on logic modelling to understand the deregulation of signalling networks in disease and to identify novel therapeutics.
Synthetic Systems Biology group
Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, University of Amsterdam (NL)
Systems biology and multi-scale modeling of eukaryotic cell cycle regulation
Systems Biology Research Group
UCSD (La Jolla, USA)
Medical Systems Biology group
University of Ulm (DE)
The Core Group Medical Systems Biology is a central facility of Ulm University for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
UNAM (Mexico city, MX)
Kroemer lab
CRC - INSERM UMRS1138 - APHP HEGP - Gustave Roussy - UPMC - U. Paris Descartes - U. Paris Sud (Paris & Villejuif, FR)
Apoptosis, Cancer, Immunity

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