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Synthetic Systems Biology group

Our group aims to integrate experimental and computational approaches for understanding molecular switches driving temporal dynamics in cell cycle oscillations. Furthermore, our research aims to identify design principles underlying cellular organization through multi-scale modeling, with a particular emphasis on the interface between cell cycle and cell physiology.

Computationally, we use both qualitative and kinetic modeling methodologies that are employed to predict systems properties that are tested in our laboratory. The experimental validation is then used iteratively to improve model accuracy.

One particular area of focus is to investigate how the precise timing of cell cycle transitions is achieved by regulating the oscillatory behavior of definite cell cycle regulators. Within this context, our research is actively developed to address molecular mechanisms that modulate the G1/S transition through activation of the origins of replication, and the G2/M transition through regulation of the mitotic network.

Furthermore, we use systems biology approaches to integrate cell cycle regulation with metabolism, signaling, epigenetics, and population dynamics. This requires exciting new experimental work to be performed as well as challenging application of computational frameworks where various modelling techniques may be integrated through multi-scale modeling.


Members involved in CoLoMoTo activities:
  • Matteo Barberis
  • Thierry Mondeel