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Third CoLoMoTo meeting (Lausanne, April 2014)

The third CoLoMoTo meeting took place in Lausanne at the Center for Integrative Genomics (CIG), organised by Aurélien Naldi, Claudine Chaouiya and Ioannis Xenarios. A report of the meeting is also available.


Thursday, 17

Time Who Topic
09:00   Welcome and introduction
09:30 A Naldi GINsim
10:00 C Müssel, H Kestler BoolNet
10:30 L Mendoza SQUAD
11:00 T Helikar the Cell Collective
11:30 P Varela EpiLog
12:00   Lunch break
14:00 P Monteiro Attractors identification and quantification
09:15 T Cokelaer CellNOpt
15:00 C Chaouiya, A Naldi SBML qual package & SED-ML
15:30 A Dräger JSBML
16:00   Discussion, working session

Friday, 18

Time Who Topic
09:30 H Klarner On the Generalization of Fixpoints of Boolean Networks
10:00 P Monteiro Model-checking applied to logical models
10:30 C Chaouiya A Discrete Model of Drosophila Eggshell Patterning
11:00 L Calzone, G Stoll Continuous time modelling with MaBoSS. Application to bladder tumorigenesis
11:30   Discussion
12:00   Lunch break
14:00 A Naldi LogicalModel library, current status
14:30   Discussion, CoLoMoTo future (community, scope, founding, etc.)


  • Matteo Barberis (University of Amsterdam)
  • Laurence Calzone (Institut Curie, France)
  • Claudine Chaouiya (IGC, Portugal)
  • Anastasia Chasapi (SIB, Switzerland)
  • Thomas Cokelaer (EBI, UK)
  • Isaac Crespo (SIB, Switzerland)
  • Julien Dorier (SIB, Switzerland)
  • Corina Dueñas Roca (Medical University of Warsaw)
  • Tomas Helikar (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US)
  • Celine Hernandez (SIB, Switzerland)
  • Hans Kestler (Medical Systems Biology, University of Ulm, Germany)
  • Hannes Klarner (AG Biomathematics, FU Berlin, Germany)
  • Luis Mendoza (UNAM, Mexico)
  • Christoph Müssel (Medical Systems Biology, University of Ulm, Germany)
  • Pedro Monteiro (INESC-ID & IGC, Portugal)
  • Aurélien Naldi ( CIG - UNIL, Switzerland)
  • Gautier Stoll (INSERM, UMR 1138, Eq. G. Kroemer, France)
  • Denis Thieffry (ENS-IBENS, France)
  • Pedro Varela (IGC, Portugal)
  • Ioannis Xenarios (SIB, Switzerland)

Remote participants:

  • Andreas Dräger (UCSD, US)
  • Julio Saez-Rodriguez (EMBL-EBI, Cambridge UK)