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First CoLoMoTo meeting (Lisbon, 2010)

The first CoLoMoTo meeting was held at IGC, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal 18-19 November 2010. Also see the minutes of the discussions.


Thurday, 18

Time Topic
14:00-14:15 C. Chaouiya: welcoming and brief overview of qualitative modelling formalisms, similarities and differences
14:15-14:45 A. Naldi: GINsim, implementation and functionalities
14:45-15:20 T. Helikar: Chemchains, implementation and functionalities
15:20-15:40 A. Zinovyev: Binom, implementation and functionalities
15:40-16:10 Coffee break
16:10-16:30 J. Wu: CellNetOptimizer, implementation and functionalities
16:30-17:00 A. Von Kamp: CellNetAnalyzer, implementation and functionalities
17:00-17:30 I. Xenarios: Squad, implementation and functionalities
17:30-17:45 I. Xenarios: Biocuration
17:45-18:15 P. Monteiro: GNA, model checking
18:15-19:00 Open discussion
19:00 Cocktail

Friday, 19

Time Topic
10:00-10:20 B. Schwikowski: Cytoscape, a succesful story!
10:20-10:45 C. Chaouiya, D. Berenguier: SBML Level 3 quali package
10:40-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:00 General discussion, objectives and strategy
12:00-14:30 IGC seminar + Lunch
14:30-16:30 Round table on technical issues and strategies - conclusions


  • Duncan Berenguier TAGC, IML, Marseille, FR
  • Jorge Carneiro IGC Oeiras PT
  • Claudine Chaouiya IGC Oeiras PT
  • Tomas Helikar University of Nebraska USA
  • Pedro Monteiro IMM Lisboa PT
  • Aurélien Naldi CIG Lausanne, CH
  • Anne Niknejad ISB-SIB Lausanne, CH
  • Manuel Pita IGC Oeiras PT
  • Martial Sankar ISB-SIB Lausanne, CH
  • Benno Schwikowski Pasteur, Paris FR
  • Denis Thieffry ENS, Paris FR
  • Laurent Tichit IML Marseille FR
  • Axel Von Kamp MPI Magdeburg, DE
  • Jerry Wu EBI Cambridge, UK
  • Ioannis Xenarios ISB-SIB Lausanne, CH
  • Andrei Zynoviev Curie, Paris, FR

Funding and Acknowledgements

IGC, ENFIN, French Embassy in Portugal, City of Oeiras